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About "My Story"

Real students just like you. That's what "My Story" is all about.

Charlie, Jennifer, Jared, Ben and Shirly didn't know how to get the money they needed for college. Then they found out about Federal Student Aid.

In the new public service campaign airing now on TV, radio, in cinemas and transit, these real kids tell you in their own words how Federal Student Aid made college — and achieving their dreams for the future — possible.

The daughter of a single mother, Charlie, always knew she would go to college. She also knew that finding a way to pay for it would be up to her.

Jennifer saw college as a way out of an unstable home life — and a way into a future career in international business.

Jared knew he wanted more out of life than a dead-end job. With the help and encouragement of his mother, this older student discovered that college — and his goal of a job in journalism — was well within reach.

The divorce of his parents while he was still in high school turned Ben's world upside down. He didn't know if he'd still be able to go to college as he'd always planned — until he got the good news from Federal Student Aid.

With the help of her older brother, Shirly discovered that applying for federal student aid yielded more than helping her achieve her dreams: She's now on her way to helping other kids do the same by becoming a counselor.


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