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Jennifer's Story

Jennifer saw college as a way out of an unstable home life — and a way into a future career in international business.


My decision to graduate early came after my mother got sick.

She wasn't able to take care of me. My dad wasn't there to take care of me, so I needed a way to take care of myself, and by going to college, I knew that I could further my education and better my career choices.

My guidance counselor… told me about Federal Student Aid and helped me fill out the application and find all the information I needed.

When I first got my letter that said I was accepted, it was a feeling of relief, it was a feeling of I don't have to continue to look for a way to go to school.

I would have never been able to graduate at 16 and go to college without the Federal Student Aid program.

My name is Jennifer, and this is my story.


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