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Jared's Story

Jared knew he wanted more out of life than a dead-end job. With the help and encouragement of his mother, this older student discovered that college — and his goal of a job in journalism — was well within reach.


I had to stop going to community college because I needed to work full time 'cause my mom was unable to work. So I had to pick up the slack.

When I first decided to go back I was a little scared because I was older. My mom sat me down, and she told me that it's not my job to be the man of the house.

Her dream for me is to go back to school and finish what I started. I needed to hear that.

I found out about the Federal Student Aid program through my English teacher. She told me, "Jared, this is what you need to do." Once I got the form, I filled out the application. I did it myself.

When I first heard the news that I received money, I ran downstairs and I showed my mother, and she was happy so she started crying, but when I saw her crying, I started crying.

My goal is to finish college and get my degree in journalism.

My name is Jared, and this is my story.


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