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Eric's Story

I always knew I was going to college. My mom, she kept at me about my grades--she made me write my spelling words five times!

Positive male role models--I didn't really have any. But my mom is strong. She never relied on anyone. She and my aunts always told me, "you gotta be the one to make it happen."

Man, I've always worked. You know, my friends would come into the restaurant where I was working and want to hang out, but I had to man up and say no. Can't mess around.

Federal Student Aid? I heard about it at church. Filling out the free application wasn't easy, especially for a high school kid who didn't know what a W-2 was! But I got it done.

What would I tell other kids? I would say sit down and talk to your parents; just go for it and see what happens. Don't give up on college because of money.

My name is Eric. I'm going to study sports medicine. I'm going to be alright.


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